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Office Boy

Introducing our office boy services

  • Serve Tea and Coffee to Staff and office Visitor.
  • Clean office kitchen on daily basis.
  • Responsible for disposal of trash, waste, and other disposable material.
  • Monitoring the use of equipment and supplies within the office.
  • Dealing with queries or requests from the visitors and employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

The client is allowed to examine the situation with the master, who will then give acitation. We ensure that the cost cited by the expert is sensible and for the most part not exactly the market costs.

For the most part, the expert contacts the client prior to arriving at the setting with the goal that he can get his instruments much the same as the prerequisites of the work. It is here that you can let him know and examine about any redirections in the work so he can set himself up in like manner.

The charges are determined on a normalized rate card which is accessible on both the site and the App. This rate card has been produced after a nearby examination of the market rates as well as remembering the quality gave.

Office boy in Pune, India.

Office kid is an individual who oversees little things in an office. His fundamental occupation is to send official documents starting with one division then onto the next division. He needs to keep up with the workplace of his supervisors. Serves Tea or espresso to them. Serves Water, tea or espresso to the guests. Office kid essentially goes under the housekepping division, so he needs to do every one of the works goes under the housekepping division, either that is office cleaniness or serves water, tea, espresso, snacks, lunch and so on to his supervisors or send records to differnet offices. Well, without a doubt an office kid ought to be a multitalented individual

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