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  • Door step work done as per your requirement.
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We give beauty services at home all across Pune area, if you lie at the extreme outskirts of Pune , call our customer support to know if you can get the salon services at your home. 

Yes, you have all the control over your  at home bookings, just contact our customer support +919325274942 and ask them to cancel your booking, we will help you with that as well without any cancellation fees, just make sure you cancel 2 hours before the booking is about to begin

Our beauticians have undergone a 15 days training programme on the health, safety and hygiene norms during the covid-19 situation and they will follow all the guidelines given by world health organization to give safe and contact free service. They will carry a shield, mask, hand gloves with them to prevent any contact and will be using all the disposable items like wipes, towels bedsheets, to ensure you get the safest services possible from our side.

Key maker in Pune, India.

All things considered, keys were made utilizing etches and pounds. Presently, key-slicing machines are giving help to the producers. “These machines work like copiers. In the event that you have the first key, a copy can be made in a split second on the machine. Be that as it may, in the event that there is no unique key accessible, one should etch a key out, which is tedious. Thus, hand-made keys cost more than the machine ones,” Kader made sense of.
Additionally, the occupation requires long periods of difficult work to accomplish greatness. One wrong mark and the key becomes pointless. “Everything relies on how intrigued you are. One can turn into an expert in a year, while others could require a long time to make only one key right,”

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